The real advantage of all Osborne Group services is the wisdom that comes from our Principals having actually been there and done it throughout our careers. Regardless of the service area or the sector, we can provide the hands-on support when it’s needed and for as long as it’s needed. Use the links below to find out how we can help you overcome the challenges facing your business or organization.


We provide experienced leadership resources to sustain and build organizations:

  • Filling C-suite roles full or part-time
  • Developing and implementing strategic business plans
  • Guiding through organizational change
  • Mentoring the management team
  • Identifying new partners and alliances
  • Counselling on mergers, acquisitions and divestitures
  • Helping resolve internal or external issues
  • Developing and implementing succession plans
  • Advising on corporate governance activities and plans
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We support not-for-profit Boards and Management with in-depth sector experience from both the board and executive management perspective:

  • Filling the Executive Director role on an interim basis
  • Working with Boards to develop multi-year strategic plans
  • Mentoring the management team
  • Helping resolve internal or external issues
  • Advising on governance structure, plans, and activities
  • Managing key projects
  • Guiding through mergers and transitions
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We provide financial leadership, management and mentoring:

  • Filling the CFO/Director Finance role on an interim or part-time basis
  • Managing business and financial planning activities
  • Designing and implementing financial organizational structures
  • Creating and implementing sound reporting systems and processes
  • Reviewing and enhancing enterprise risk management processes
  • Project managing mergers and acquisitions
  • Coaching and mentoring finance department executives
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We provide human resources expertise across the full spectrum of activities:

  • Filling senior HR roles on a full or part-time interim basis
  • Developing and implementing integrated strategic human resources plans
  • Managing critical projects on their behalf senior HR staff
  • Developing and implementing effective plans to meet resource needs through performance planning, individual/organizational development and succession planning
  • Establishing an effective, enduring and legally compliant HR function for the organization
  • Strategic compensation, benefits and pension solutions and administration expertise
  • Planning and executing manpower adjustment during significant growth or rationalization
  • Sound guidance through mergers, acquisitions and divestitures
  • Developing and executing change management strategies
  • Evaluating HR services and implementing recommendations for increased quality, effectiveness and efficiency
  • Assessing and addressing organizational health and employee relations issues such as culture, morale, motivation and engagement
  • Planning and executing senior level search and orientation
  • Helping organizations negotiate and administer collective agreements and building effective relations with unions and unionized workforces
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We have in-depth experience working with boards and management of community agencies, family health teams and special needs organizations:

  • Filling the Executive Director role on in interim basis
  • Working with Boards to develop multi-year strategic plans
  • Advising on governance structure, plans and activities
  • Planning and implementing mergers, joint projects or shared service
  • Conducting service and compliance audits
  • Mentoring the management team
  • Helping resolve internal or external issues
  • Managing key projects
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We provide interim or project leadership resources to manage and improve business operations:

  • Filling the VP/Director Operations or Manufacturing role full or part-time
  • Evaluating manufacturing systems and processes
  • Implementing best practice and quality processes
  • Directing, managing and improving internal operations
  • Analyzing the supply chain for service improvements and cost reductions
  • Driving strategic partnerships
  • Managing strategic initiatives
  • Mentoring and training operations management
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We provide strategic marketing, sales and communications expertise to achieve success:

  • Filling VP/Director positions on an interim or project basis
  • Conducting marketing, sales and communications audits
  • Building successful sales teams and managing sales plans
  • Developing and implementing effective sales strategies and initiatives
  • Developing and implementing key branding strategies
  • Developing marketing, sales and communications key performance measures
  • Developing effective marketing, sales and communications organization structures
  • Preparing and implementing integrated marketing and communications plans
  • Developing and implementing issues and crisis management plans
  • Managing key marketing, sales and communications projects
  • Conducting executive media training
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We provide the multi-faceted skills to prepare for transition to the next generation or new management:

  • Developing and implementing successful succession strategies
  • Defining attractive business growth opportunities
  • Assessing and building financial strength
  • Advising and mentoring family enterprise owners through transition to new management
  • Milestone plan, reviews and corrective action recommendations
  • Developing and managing financing, brokering and business valuation processes
  • Developing and implementing business sale/exit strategy plans
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We work at a senior level with charities that have a significant fundraising, relationship building and public relations mandate, helping them create paths of success in an increasingly competitive nonprofit sector including:

  • Re-awakening charities whose leadership feel they have become moribund or are ‘spinning their wheels’
  • Dealing with organizational issues that could be impeding progress
  • Increasing a charity’s effectiveness through a better understanding of how they can continue to serve their clients while addressing root causes
  • Helping charities who feel like they are in trouble, but don’t know what the problem is
  • Campaign direction and specialized project management
  • Analyzing and providing remedies for fund development programs that are failing or not growing
  • Assessing all aspects of branding value and recommending tactical solutions
  • Assessing the impact of fundraising and communications teams and providing coaching that’s talent-based
  • Leading through a time of transition
  • Providing short-term crisis management
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We provide proven leadership and expertise in information technology management:

  • Filling the CIO or VP/Director IT role full or part-time
  • Leading the information technology strategic plan development
  • Aligning technology strategies with business objectives
  • Identifying and managing key programs and projects
  • Conducting product evaluations
  • Counseling employee assimilation and training
  • Assisting with software implementation
  • Reviewing existing data and transforming it into information to enable decision making
  • Project management of IT initiatives
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