You have spent most of your adult life building a successful businessHow do you know when it’s time to exit with a maximum return? As a business owner, you need to carefully navigate the various minefields associated with this transition. The help of a trusted advisor can provide the stress-reducing guidance needed 

The experts at Value Builder System™ have been working with over 60,000 Business Owners during the last 8 years to understand what it takes to have a successful exitIt boils down to two key questions: 

  1. Is your business ready to sell?
  2. Are you personally ready to exit? 

Their two online assessment questionnaires will give you a good sense of where you stand on both. 

Value Builder Score™ provides you with an understanding of how valuable your business is through a purchaser’s perspective. Analysis of scores versus offers shows that those businesses that score over 80 get offers that are 70% higher than average.  

Equally important is your personal readiness to exit score (PREScore™). Value Builder System research indicates that 75% of business owners have some level of owners regret one year after the sale. PREScore™ determines the at-risk areas and provides personalized recommendations for improvement, helping owners create a personal plan that ensures a happy and lucrative exit.

PREScore™ focuses on four drivers for a satisfying exit:

Future Vision 

Are you being pushed out of your business (health issues, market has peaked, need to diversify, stress, bored) or are you being pulled from the business by a future vision (start foundation, new business, get fit, travel)? 

Structure Flexibility 

How flexible is the financial structure of the deal to get your cash out (earnout terms, consultant, ongoing shareholder, lender or cash on closing)? 

Personal Detachment 

How involved are you as the owner in running the day to day operation and how much of your social life is dependent on the relationships developed in the workplace? 

Team Involvement 

Will my employees who stay behind be well looked after by the new owners? 

The Osborne Group licenses both Value Builder Score and PREScore from Value Builder System™. We use these platforms to help our clients build more durable businessesready to sell when the owner is ready to exit. We have Certified Value Builders ready to help you plan and coach you through your exit strategy #restartwithaplan. Try the assessments and then we will sit down with you and review your results. 

Take the PREScore™ Assessment

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