Business Performance

Accelerate Your Company’s Performance and Remain Competitive

Improve the performance of your business by measuring the effectiveness of your leadership and executive teams.

Leadership teams that functioned well for years may not have the necessary leadership characteristics to excel as they adapt to today’s rapid and significant changes. Osborne principals have extensive leadership and management experience and can work with you to assess your executive leadership competency and provide a playbook that outlines a roadmap to high business performance.

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Bento Sushi engaged The Osborne Group to complete a high level “Health Check’ of Bento Sushi’s supply chain network and evaluate the leadership team. Throughout the project both Garry and John were extremely professional and provided practical and actionable recommendations. The project was completed on time and within budget and the final report was well beyond my expectation. I would without hesitation engage Garry and John again in the future.

Keith Jackson, CPA, CA
Chief Financial Officer - Bento Sushi
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John and Garry delivered HBG with an in depth and comprehensive assessment of our executive team. They started out by spending time with me to understand where we wanted to take the business to. The insights and practical road map they developed is greatly helping the business and team improve our performance. The real impact was on my team where they continue to provide invaluable follow up and mentoring. Their approach is thorough, effective and was well received. If you need a “Playbook” to take your business to the next level, hire John and Garry. Their business experience shines through.

Mark McKay
CEO - Highcourt and Breckles Group now part of Brown & Brown (NYSE:BRO)
The Current Business Challenge

  • Interest rates have risen and will remain high in real terms.
  • The value of growth strategies, while important, have declined.
  • Executive Leadership teams that have been focused on growth for over a decade will now be required to focus on margin growth by cost containment.
  • Its important today to focus on “smart” margin growth that is sustainable.

Do you have the right team to drive your business forward? Are your leaders aligned with a shared vision? Are the right people in the right roles? Today’s business environment is perpetually changing.  Can your leadership team successfully adapt to change? Watch the video below to see how we can help…

The Solution:

  • Perform a comprehensive evaluation of the leadership team.
  • Use science, observations and interaction with leaders benchmarked against 50+ years of leadership savvy and perspective to assess and evaluate.
  • Identify the operational complexities that are holding back the business.
  • Build a comprehensive step by step playbook for the Owner/CEO.
  • Reduce risk by aligning leadership competencies with business goals and objectives.
The Osborne Group Executive Leadership Playbook will deliver: 

  • An assessment of the working dynamics of the executive team and how well they are aligned with the strategy.
  • A guide on how to optimize executive team performance.
  • Individual assessments of the strengths and weaknesses of all members of the executive team.
  • Identification of  members of the executive team with potential to become future CEO’s.
  • Quarterly follow up meetings with the executive team to monitor performance.

Our process is designed to provide direction for increased annual growth and momentum for your organization and avoid the risks and high costs associated with recruiting, severance, and training. Do you have the right people in the right roles? We’ll help you find out.


The Challenge: In preparation for future growth, the CEO of HBG identified the need for an effective and low risk method to better evaluate current HBG operations, business needs and challenges. A complete evaluation of the Executive Team’s capability to lead growth and identify limitations was also a requirement.

How We Helped: The Osborne Group performed an Executive Leadership Assessment and an Operational Health Check that identified actionable opportunities that, if left unaddressed, would limit the growth potential of the business. We also provided HBG’s CEO with a detailed Playbook that provided clear direction on how to optimize his Executive Team’s potential.

What We Delivered: The Osborne Group provided an observation and opportunities roadmap in the following areas that HGB deemed critical to the future growth strategy:

  • Organizational structure
  • Sales and digital marketing
  • Breckles acquisition integration
  • People management
  • Day to day operations

The Osborne Group provided the CEO of HBG with a playbook that provided a detailed breakdown of his Executive Team in the following areas:

  • Assessment of Team Working Dynamics
  • A Guide on Optimizing Team Performance
  • How to Optimize Individual Performance
  • How this Team can excel
  • Individual Assessments
  • Who Has CEO Potential?

Continued Deliverable: The Osborne Group continues to provide ongoing mentorship to executive leaders that were identified as high potential in the development of the CEO’s playbook.

Accelerate Your Business’s Performance With An Operational Health Check.

Many companies struggle to sustain the operational improvements they make and as a result are not able to meet their future profitability and growth goals. The Osborne Group has extensive experience in guiding businesses on a forward plan developed for optimal results and one that is validated by current stakeholders.

We Help By:

  • Summarize your current business state
  • Identify critical gaps
  • Prioritize quick wins
  • Focus on key areas of opportunity

As a leader it is difficult to have a comprehensive view of all aspects of your business. How healthy are your company’s operations? What is most important to your customers and to your employees? Does your team understand and is aligned with the corporate vision?

An Operational Health Check will give you an independent perspective to quickly understand these aspects of your business. Watch the video below to learn more…


The Challenge: Bento Sushi was integrating and supporting a recent US acquisition and undertaking a review of its supply chain and distribution operations in the US and in Canada. Bento needed to quickly find deficiencies and identify improvement opportunities within its Canadian operations.

How We Helped: The Osborne Group performed an Operational Health Check of Bento’s Canadian manufacturing and distribution operations in a 6-week period. We provided Bento with actionable opportunities and an assessment of their leadership team.

What We Delivered: The Osborne Group provided an observation and opportunities roadmap in the following areas that Bento deemed critical to future integration success.

  • Inbound material delivery.
  • Outbound customer delivery.
  • Use of internal fleet assets and external carriers.
  • Inter-company location movements.
  • Facility Optimization.

The Osborne Group captured and documented the perspective of key leaders at Bento about the performance of the distribution network. Our operational questions and observations allowed us to gain the critical insights on network performance that were needed and summarized in a Bento Sushi operational playbook We completed site visits of all Bento branches in Canada and created a comparative matrix to measure each locations readiness for future growth. Leadership evaluations were also completed for each of the 4 branches. The Osborne Group also provided Bento with a detailed roadmap on how to best improve operational efficiencies.

Osborne Group principals John Scheel and Garry Wood focus on identifying the critical elements of business operations and how each can connect and support a healthy business. We can help improve your business.