Esprit d’entreprise

Helping entrepreneurs build stronger businesses

Being an entrepreneur is difficult. We know because we’ve been in those shoes and stood next to others who do.

The Osborne Group’s team of business leaders approach entrepreneurship with a broad array of skills and a narrow focus aimed at achieving success. Our hands-on operating experience is gained from decades of leadership including mentoring and advising organizations on the same competitive challenges owner-operated businesses face today. We’ve been there and we can help.

As an entrepreneur, you face a multitude of strategic and day-to-day challenges in growing and scaling your business. We are uniquely qualified to help with the challenges and achieve the ultimate goal of building a stronger business.

We can help grow the profitability and value of your business by:

  • Developing and rolling out more effective revenue strategies
  • Enhancing your sales model and infrastructure
  • Revisiting your business strategy and opening new markets
  • Streamlining operations to improve effectiveness
  • Strengthening your management team on an interim or fractional basis
  • Working with you to improve customer satisfaction levels

We come from a wide range of industry sectors and some of us have been founders as well as the CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, CHRO, SVP, VP, executive director and general manager with private, start-up, entrepreneurial and publicly traded businesses.   

Our principals will help lift your entrepreneurial business to higher performance because we’ve done it before. We will point out how you can save time and money across your operations.   

Here are some of the ways we can help your business: 

  • Evaluating business readiness for a potential merger or acquisition
  • Improving working capital and effectively managing short-term expenses, inventory, payroll and other costs
  • Making your business partnerships work to your advantage
  • Managing business risks – do you have the strategy and protection you need?
  • Managing, training, and investing in salespeople for better results
  • Marketing and promoting your business more effectively
  • Recommending software and systems for mining information systems that use business data as a competitive edge
  • Resolving supply chain issues and improving procurement
  • From governance to intellectual property, from cybersecurity to capital projects – we have the business experience to help you address the issues and priorities keeping you up at night. If the long-term plan is to sell the business, we can help with the critical business components that will pay dividends in the next 12 to 24 months.

You’ve bought and merged several companies under one corporate umbrella. The business continues to experience double-digit organic growth, however, you’re facing serious challenges. Morale is flat. Communication across different systems is difficult. Consistent sales and customer service training and HR policies are virtually non-existent. How do you convince private investors or the bank that you can adequately address these issues and continue to grow profitably?

Osborne Group Principal Garry Wood dealt with this situation when he was founder/CEO and president of a national cell phone retailer. By successfully merging and structuring 12 businesses, WorldLynx became the largest and only national Bell/Alliant/Virgin branded dealer.

Wordlynx Wireless Case Study

It’s difficult to know where and how to start an integration process and address the ongoing operating challenges faced through most mergers and acquisitions. If they are not addressed quickly and properly, they can jeopardize the future viability of the business. As entrepreneurs, Osborne principals have met the challenges with integrations and operational obstacles. We’re ready to help you with your business challenges.

Contact us on how to improve business results through mergers and acquisitions.

Whether you’re managing a start-up, a fast-growing scale-up, or an established business, today’s environment requires best practices to promote transparency, accountability and risk management. Our principals have the experience with current best practices to help guide your finance function.

Financial services at a start-up can mean wearing a number of hats – developer, doer, manager and leader. Read how Osborne Principal Nash Nizam has mastered each of these roles during his career.

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