Delivering financial best practices to help your business thrive

The Osborne Group financial professionals add value in senior finance positions overseeing year ends, managing critical projects or conducting policy and process audits. We take on specific assignments or work on an interim basis, leading your finance team and providing guidance on key finance decisions. Our highly experienced financial executives don’t just propose solutions – they plan the implementation and execute, helping you develop and sustain sound financial controls for your organization.

We have experience in:

  • Interim CFO or controller services

  • Mergers & acquisitions, due diligence and investor relations

  • Business & financial planning

  • Performance measurement / KPIs

  • Enterprise risk management

  • Financial organization redesign

  • Financial analysis & regulatory reporting

  • Cash and capital management


Our sector experience includes:

  • Automotive

  • Consumer packaged goods

  • Food & grocery

  • Foodservice & hospitality

  • Manufacturing & automation

  • Medical devices & wound care

  • Office supplies and services

  • Retail

  • Software

  • Telecommunications

  • Transportation

  • Video entertainment & gaming

Often the company’s president, CEO or business owner tries to fill the shoes of a CFO when there’s a problem filling this key financial position. A gap at the CFO or controller level can distract from other critical duties that require focus and attention. A middle management accountant, no matter how skilled at managing and balancing the books, cannot provide the important insight and expertise of an experienced CFO.

In this blog post, Osborne Group Principal Ken Goodwin explains the role of an Interim CFO for small to mid-sized companies. Part-Time Executive, Full-Time Value

The Osborne Group can provide your business with financial expertise on an interim basis. We provide ultimate flexibility and leadership support by scaling our services to the time and expertise you need.

Strong financial management provides your board and senior leaders with confidence about your true financial position. Improved financial reporting promotes transparency, accountability, and better decisions.

Contact the Osborne Group to discuss your business requirements, book a meeting or call for further information.

To rigorously establish how to value your business, Osborne principals rely on the Value Builder System™ as a tool for succession planning, sale of a business or as part of a mergers and acquisition process. Whether you’re just starting to think about selling or simply want to tighten things up, better fiscal management is always a good investment.

Contact us for a no-obligation introduction to the Value Builder process how our certified Value Builder experts can work with you to achieve a successful exit.

Osborne Group principals will ensure a financial assessment uses appropriate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and aims to optimize performance in your organization. We can design, evaluate and optimize your performance dashboard using industry best practices. Specific KPIs that address critical success factors are typical deliverables.

With sound KPIs in place, overall business and individual employee performance can be properly evaluated to determine opportunities for change or action. They should be easy to measure, visible and reported in a way that provides actionable feedback. 

How can you ensure your organization achieves the expected upside of a merger/acquisition and is not distracted from achieving the potential benefits? Our principals will help ensure financial controls stay in place and your company’s focus continues to be on managing expanded business activities.

The Osborne Group Principal Nash Nizam outlines his experiences from inside a merged organization: Mergers & Acquisitions – An Accountant’s Prescription for Success