Fusions et intégrations

Gain scale and strength through a nonprofit amalgamation or integration

With increased and changing pressures on services, funding uncertainty, and increased demands for accountability, measurement and evaluation many nonprofit organizations are re-examining how they structure and manage programs and services. This often includes exploring whether they should merge or join forces with other organizations.

The Osborne Group has extensive experience working with organizations to help them form strategic alliances, from sharing programs and services, integrating back-office functions and consolidating infrastructure, to full agency amalgamations. We have strong project management and facilitation skills and a solid understanding of risk management, communications, and engagement strategies.

We can inform and guide your organization’s leaders from early exploration of restructuring options to successful completion with tact and sensitivity.

We have experience across these sectors:

  • Charities and foundations
  • Community, social services, child welfare and developmental services
  • Cultural agencies including art galleries, museums, theatre, sports, and performing arts
  • Healthcare services such as primary care teams, occupational health teams and hospitals
  • Housing agencies and property management
  • Animal service agencies and humane societies
  • Professional associations
  • Provincial & national sports organizations
  • Universities, colleges and other educational institutions

There are many moving parts in any exercise exploring and executing a successful amalgamation and integration project. Our approach includes:

  • Skilled facilitation, mediation, and negotiation
  • Visioning and development of shared principles
  • Developing strategic initiatives
  • Establishing governance and compliance protocols
  • Articulation of a shared, specific Case for Change
  • Helping to identify the appropriate structure to move forward (amalgamation/transfer of assets; back-office consolidation; program and service collaboration)

We can provide:

  • Due diligence and financial oversight
  • Merger negotiations
  • Guidance for legal negotiations
  • Project management of all components of an amalgamation
  • Business and operational planning including organizational restructuring
  • Interim management as required

The Osborne Group has been involved in all aspects of nonprofit amalgamations and integrations. Contact us if your organization is considering taking this step.

Two organizations might share a common vision and believe integrating their programs would allow them to deliver services more efficiently. Ensuring successful integration requires careful planning, sound leadership, strong communication and striving for consensus on issues. The strength of our approach is a consultative and collaborative style combined with in-depth experience.

Our phased approach involves:

  • Agreement on principles, approach and vision
  • Building a Case for Change
  • Risk Assessment
  • Relationship building/trust
  • Strong communications
  • High level due diligence
  • Board approval at necessary check in points
  • Building a project plan and timelines
  • Establishing sub-committees

We also help with final approvals and implementation requirements:

  • Board and member approval
  • Legal agreements
  • Complete stakeholder engagement and communications
  • Adoption and implementation of approved plan

The Osborne Group’s principals have experience taking organizations through the integration process from beginning to end. Please contact us if you require advice and guidance.

The Osborne Group has strong project management and facilitation skills and a solid understanding of both the mechanics of mergers and board dynamics, risk management, communications and engagement strategies.

In addition to our highly experienced principals, we will identify those who have additional subject matter expertise as required to ensure the project has the necessary resources to get the job done.

Our project management approach is built around:

  • Regular communication with project leaders and sponsors
  • Established milestone dates and deliverables, such as board meetings and approvals, membership meetings, and legal documents
  • Use of project management software to keep track of activities

Our experts will develop a plan that organizes key project resources and content experts, identifies accountabilities, activities, and deliverables for the following:

  • Governance and organization
  • Legal and regulatory issues
  • Human resources
  • Information technology
  • Finances
  • Communications and stakeholder engagement
  • Public and private funders and donors
  • Property considerations
  • Change management

Osborne Group principals have managed complex projects for many nonprofit organizations. If you require support at any stage of an amalgamation or integration project, please contact us.