Nonprofit Finance

Our finance experts offer flexible leadership to meet the unique needs of your nonprofit

Our financial professionals add value in senior finance positions and provide the stability required to continue effective service delivery. They manage critical operations on an interim basis, lead priority projects, and conduct accurate policy and process audits. They don’t just propose solutions – they plan the implementation and can execute, helping you develop and sustain sound financial controls for your organization.

We have experience in the following specialities:

  • Interim CFO, Director or Controller services
  • Amalgamations & integrations
  • Strategic & financial planning
  • Performance measurement / KPIs
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Financial organization redesign
  • Financial analysis & regulatory reporting
  • Cash and Capital management

We have experience across these sectors:

  •  Health services, LHINs and hospitals
  • Social services
  • Housing agencies and property management
  • Charities and foundations
  • Humane societies and animal service agencies
  • Cultural agencies including art galleries, museums, theatre, sports, and performing arts organizations
  • Universities, colleges and other educational institutions
  • Professional associations and national sports authorities
We will scale our services to the time commitments and the level of expertise you require providing ultimate flexibility and leadership support. Here’s how an Interim Finance Director helped one organization:

The Osborne Principal offered a high level of experience and expertise which enabled quick and easy comprehension of the requirements of the role. From studying the role and understanding what is required, they pinpointed the issues with the current staff and made experience-informed recommendations for a new hire.
The Principal found that the company finance staff had a good handle on the accounting and that the real purpose of the interim role was to help the CEO analyze and present the finances to the finance committee, the board of directors and the management team.
In a series of one-on-one discussions with the CEO, the Interim Finance Director laid out a series of recommendations for the new hire including attributes, personality, and characteristics. In the hiring process, the CEO felt that the Osborne Principal should act as an advisor to the hiring committee rather than a member. This allowed the CEO and his Executive Team to establish a more critical perspective of the entire process to support each of the team members simultaneously. The Interim Finance Director provided support to the orientation of the new VP as part of the transition team.

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If your organization has proposed to merge or amalgamate with a partner agency or a key service provider, our Principals have experience that can help guide your team to evaluate, plan and implement the proposed integration. How can you ensure your organization gains the expected upside of an amalgamation/integration of services and is not distracted from achieving the potential benefits? Our principals can ensure financial controls remain in place and your agency’s focus remains on the important aspects of managing the expanded business activities.

Without proper guidance, an amalgamation or integration can be highly risky. Our Principals have been through these situations and know how to avoid pitfalls. Read more here on how Principal Nash Nizam details the accountant’s role in ensuring a successful merger or amalgamation.

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We can design, evaluate and optimize your performance dashboards using best practices we have adopted through real-world experience leading to the development of specific Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that address critical success factors.