Capture Full Value with Your Procurement

Our “Procurement on Demand” service delivers exceptional value by effectively and seamlessly supporting your procurement needs.

We Can Help! Learn more about how our tailored procurement solutions can help your business address key procurement challenges.

Does your team have the required resources?

Does your procurement team have capacity to undertake a specialized or complex procurement process in a timely and effective manner?

We have the experience and resources available to support your procurement team on high-priority, complex or time-sensitive procurements on an as-needed basis. We will help develop an approach to make the procurement process successful in driving value.


Are your stakeholders engaged and aligned?

Engagement in the process is an important first step. Are the various stakeholders in your organization aligned? Do they understand their roles in the procurement process?

As an independent 3rd party with extensive, senior level experience, we can facilitate gaining stakeholder alignment at all levels in your organization to ensure your procurement meets your business needs.


Is there a strategic opportunity?

Does the procurement impact strategic goals or objectives?  Could a new supplier create a strategic advantage for the organization in either product or service delivery?

As executives with decades of business leadership and operational experience we can align the procurement with strategic business goals, define strategic partnership opportunities and support business transformation.


Which procurement process is most appropriate?

What procurement process will deliver the most value, be efficient for your organization and attract vendor participation?

Different products and services require different procurement processes to deliver the best prices, supports and suppliers for your organization.  For example, taking advantage of a vendor of record (VOR) program can generate savings and improve internal efficiencies.

We can help you to develop the right procurement process:

  • Evaluate and assess opportunities for collaboration such as group purchasing organizations (GPO) or shared services
  • Determine the procurement approach and strategy based on the category and complexity of the goods and services required
  • Source potential vendors and make them aware of the opportunity
  • Consider the risks for the organization and compliance with relevant legislation

How do you generate the best possible long-term value?

We will support your team to ensure the procurement process is generating the best value possible for your business by providing skilled resources that:

  • Are available to undertake a procurement quickly with no on-going commitment
  • Have experience in complex and strategic procurement processes
  • Can undertake a confidential or sensitive process and facilitate alignment of stakeholders as an independent 3rd party
  • Have experience working with Boards and senior executives
  • Have an understanding of the Ontario Broader Public Sector Procurement Directive and the Building Ontario Business Initiative (BOBI)
  • Have broad industry expertise to assist in defining requirements and identify key vendors
  • Design a procurement process that is transparent and efficient to encourage the right vendors to participate
  • Can assess and identify enhancements to your existing procurement processes


The Osborne principal network brings broad industry expertise and experienced resources allowing us to source potential vendors and make them aware of the opportunity.  

In an ever evolving and challenging business landscape, effective and well designed procurement processes can unlock sustainable business value, growth and profitability. At The Osborne Group, we understand the critical role procurement plays in your success, and we are committed to being your trusted partner in achieving procurement excellence.

We help you to manage the procurement process, identify the right vendors, navigate risks, reach clear, defensible decisions and negotiate the best terms.


Reach out to us to learn more about how our procurement on demand service can help your business.