The New Normal

Managing the Return to the Workplace

An Online Forum | September 28th, 2021








Avoiding the Legal & Organizational Landmines


Legal Risks

  • Employees who refuse to return
  • Employees who announce that they are Anti-Vax
  • Liability to secure a safe workplace for employees and customers

Organizational Challenges

  • Current Issues in Managing the Return to the Workplace
  • Key steps to take now to mitigate problems

Prioritizing Next Steps

  • Evaluating Pandemic pivots
  • Reassessing your risks and opportunities
  • The Importance of Leadership

The Panel

Norm Sabapathy

Norm Sabapathy

Norm is Executive Vice President, People at Cadillac Fairview Corporation. He is actively involved in issues around managing the return to the workplace both for his own firm and tenant organizations.

Shana Wolch

Shana Wolch

Shana is a partner at McCarthy Tétrault. She practices in the area of employment law and labour relations. She advises private and public-sector employers on employment and labour issues.

Rob Stephen

Rob Stephen

Rob is a senior consultant with the Osborne Group. The Osborne Group works closely with organizational leaders to develop strategies and processes to successfully implement workplace objectives.


9:00 – Setting the Stage

  • The rapidly changing environment and escalating risks as employees start to return to the workplace
  • How will you be able to conduct business when employees are refusing to come to the office?

9:10 – The Legal Issues

  • What if an employee says that they will not return to the office because of the risk of acquiring covid from colleagues or clients.
  • What if an employee acknowledges that they have not been vaccinated but still insists on returning to the office
  • Your liability to employees and customers if they acquire covid resulting from a contact at your premises

9:30 – Issues Facing the HR Executive

  • Current issues that are arising now as we Return to the Workplace.
  • Key steps organizations can take now to mitigate and solve issues.
  • Next Steps

9:50 – Next Steps

  • Understanding what will work best for your organization and how to implement it
  • The risks and opportunities you need to plan for now

10:10 – Roundtable discussion

10:25 – Closing Remarks

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