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Interruption – Do you talk more than you listen?

It’s now post-holiday as I write this blog. Family get-togethers are history, treats all consumed and the New Year has arrived with the usual Toronto winter bluster. This is a great time to reflect and analyze what worked and didn’t work last year and perhaps...

Are the yardsticks moving?

I have been both directly and indirectly involved in Ontario’s Not for Profit Sector for many years, and I have observed that one of the most enduring themes has not changed –  “we need more funding from the Province”.  These requests are...

Osborne Group executives have been helping organizations succeed for 25 years.

Based in Ontario, we provide a wide range of professional interim management, consulting, planning, and project management services. We are a Vendor of Record for the Government of Ontario and work with clients of all sizes in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

We offer extraordinary executive leadership at a reasonable price. Our Principals bring extensive, relevant senior management experience and practical, transferable skills to every assignment. They grasp situations quickly; develop customized solutions in collaboration with the client and; from day one, do the hands-on work that gets desired results that meet the highest standard of quality.

Our clients say it best. They’ve given us a 100% satisfaction rating for the past three years and say they would be pleased to recommend us to others.


If you take a hard look at your business, could you confidently say that you’re currently maximizing the short and long-term prospects for the company? If not, you might want to have a conversation with an Osborne Group Principal. As an owner or key senior manager of a company, your situation is unique and requires a customized approach. We have the people, services, and the track record to help you develop the right solution.


Whether yours is a small or large organization, not-for-profits face similar issues. Are we having the right impact? Do we have the right leadership we need at this stage? Our Principals have been there, supported management to solve these issues, and helped turn organizations in the right direction. Reach out to us and let our NFP expertise guide your team through complicated situations or transitions towards success.


Public sector issues present unique and highly specific challenges. Successful projects require specialized knowledge about how government works. At The Osborne Group, we’re fortunate to offer experts who help address such challenges. Whether at the municipal or provincial level, our experience qualifies us to provide insightful solutions to the issues troubling your organization. We are also a Vendor of Record for the Province of Ontario.

“Your Finance Principal is my financial magician and last year, your HR Principal helped us take the Policy and procedures manual to the next level. I can’t say enough about the great Principals.I am very fortunate to have their support.”

Heba Sadek, Executive Director, Queen Square Doctors Family Health Team February 19, 2015

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