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Are you and your team more productive working remotely? In this session, we will provide you with insights into working well, discuss some of the challenges of working remotely and outline what our remote employees require to be productive in virtual settings.

The Importance of Motivation

by Peter Keating

We are all feeling the effects of many months of social isolation and restrictions on activities. How you respond to these challenges can make a big difference in how you feel about yourself, your relationships with others and your progress towards your goals. These strategies for self-reflection on motivation might help kick-start some ideas to get you back in your groove. 

Good Governance and leadership excellence go hand in hand. Successful organizations have boards that effectively direct and protect the organization, ensuring that what should get done does indeed get done. Have you wondered what your fiduciary responsibility means and how to meet the standard? Join us while we examine how one board could have avoided an apparent bankruptcy.

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