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People & Culture

Our human resources team will help you better manage your people and culture

Engaged employees are more productive, stay longer and strive to enhance the client experience. They look for ways to improve the organization and work together to meet a shared vision and mission.

The Osborne Group’s human resources principals work closely with organizational leaders to develop customized people management strategies and processes that encourage engagement and enhance the ability to meet the organization’s goals.

We provide support in:

  • Change Management 
  • Compensation and pay equity reviews and implementation 
  • Employee and labour relations 
  • Employment contracts  
  • Collective agreement negotiation 
  • Leadership development 
  • Occupational health & safety 
  • Pension and benefit reviews  
  • Performance management 
  • Succession planning  
  • Policy review and development 
  • Recruitment 
  • Talent management 
  • Workplace investigations   

Our experts have experience in variety of nonprofit sectors including: 

  • Healthcare 
  • Education 
  • Social services 
  • Child welfare 
  • Legal aid  
  • Provincial government agencies 
  • Charities and foundations 
  • Arts and culture 

How healthy is your organization? We will help you find out with an assessment of your overall organizational health that identifies opportunities to optimize organizational effectiveness and employee engagement:

  • Advising and coaching executives on people management issues and practices;
  • Building organizational alignment to your goals through HR strategies, policies, practices and culture;
  • Developing leaders that will take your organization to the next level
  • Attracting, retaining and motivating employees with best in class talent management strategies and practices;
  • Providing compensation, benefit and pension solutions that recognize and reward behaviours that allow employees to be successful and encourage their success;
  • Establishing policies and procedures that are legally compliant and enhance the organization’s ability to deliver superior results.

A comprehensive total rewards and pay equity review can ensure your organization is fully compliant with pay equity legislation, maintains internal equity and provides a competitive wage to attract, retain, engage and motivate employees.

In a recent review, we trained a five-person job evaluation team of employees who then completed job evaluations for all non-union and management roles. We confirmed compliance with pay equity legislation, developed a pay equity plan, completed an external market review of the various positions and developed appropriate salary grids.

For a full external market review of compensation, we obtained comparator salary rates through surveys, established salary grids to meet clients’ compensation philosophies, developed implementation strategies and provided estimates of full implementation costs.

A full HR policy review and audit can be invaluable when your organization is facing a major transition or considering how to minimize risk and improve performance. The review and audit will focus on factors influencing how HR is managed and overseen, identify shortcomings, gaps and risks, and, operational and practical matters, including policies, procedures and processes, documents and forms.

  • Our HR audits will include a review of the following:
  • Organizational charts and descriptions
  • Job descriptions for all roles
  • Compensation structure
  • Overview of any scheduling program or the approach to scheduling
  • A list of any outsourced HR functions
  • HR policy manual and associated procedures
  • Other documents which may provide information on HR practices and their impact on employees

In most cases, we will conduct interviews with staff, asking questions from an interview template to ensure consistency. Staff input provides rich information on the perceived impact of current HR processes and any process gaps.

The Osborne Group principals have extensive experience in leadership training, development and coaching in the nonprofit and business sectors.  We have a solid understanding of the many common service needs organizations struggle with as they adapt to new circumstances, changing public expectations and funding uncertainty.  

We custom design the approach to employee development to meet each client’s needs. The range of topics include:: 

  • Building effective teams 
  • Coaching for performance 
  • Delivering feedback and handling difficult conversations
  • Communicating for high performance 
  • Problem solving for high impact outcomes 
  • Best practices for program delivery 

Contact us to discuss your training needs and develop a program to help your organization better serve its clients and customers. 

Assignments for coaching and performance management are deeply personal and interactive between the consultant and our clients.

To develop and deliver effective coaching, we:

  • Liaise as appropriate to analyze the coaching client’s current state
  • Collaborate with the employee to identify areas of focus
  • Work together to develop a strategy to address the focus areas
  • Support the employee to implement the strategy and achieve goals.

Performance management also requires in-depth conversations with the leader and staff member before structuring an engagement. Contact The Osborne Group to explore how we can help.

Talent Management is an all-encompassing approach to managing and developing the people and the culture in your work environment.  It includes performance management, employee relations, succession planning and talent acquisition to attract, retain and engage current and potential employees.

Companies need a talent management strategy that addresses elements of culture, mission and vision. What will the employee experience be from their very first conversation with you? How will potential employees be treated? How will they be treated when they join your organization? When they are working in your organization do they feel the company’s values are being lived daily in the work environment?

Principal Anne Bloom writes how talent management applies when conducting future performance evaluations.

Contact us to discuss your needs with one of our human resources experts.