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Our Accelerated Leadership Assessments Help Build High Performing Teams.

We help Private Equity and M&A firms accelerate the assessment of the leadership teams of their portfolio companies. Grounded by years of hands-on operational experience, Osborne Principals understand the dynamics of building high performing teams.

The importance of undertaking an assessment process to understand how effective the executive leadership team of an organization will be is highlighted by the risks which the new business faces. The intangible risks include:

  • Disruption of client relationships
  • Loss of leadership productivity
  • Loss of goodwill, speculation and cynicism
  • Churn and turmoil 

The more tangible risks include the costs of replacing executive leadership with high severance costs, recruitment costs, and a steep re-training and learning curve. 

Our Accelerated Executive Assessment involves three steps: 
  1. Listening: Develop a comprehensive understanding of your business goals.
  2. Assessing Executive Leadership Competency
    • Individual Interviews
    • Observation of Team Dynamics
    • Psychometric Assessment:
      • Individual
      • Team Dynamics
      • Development Potential
  3. Developing the Operator’s Playbook:
    • Recommend the right individuals for the right roles
    • Set out a roadmap and guideposts for executive performance 
    • Summarize individual and team leadership potential
The Operator’s Playbook: A Guide to Optimizing Performance 

At the conclusion of the process The Osborne Group will provide an Operator’s Playbook that will deliver the following: 

  • An assessment of the working dynamics of the executive team and how well they are aligned with the strategy. 
  • A guide on how to optimize executive team performance. 
  • A summary rating of the executive team’s capacity to excel. 
  • Individual assessments of the strengths and weaknesses of all members of the executive team. 
  • A guide on how to optimize the talent of each individual member of the executive team. 
  • Identification of members of the executive team with potential to become future CEO’s.    
  • Recruiting profiles to address weaknesses identified on the executive team. 
  • After completion of the Operator’s Playbook, Osborne Principals will conduct regularly agreed-upon reviews to ensure that the Playbook is being implemented and updated. 

The Osborne Group principals Garry Wood and John Scheel have developed a practice focused on executive leadership team assessment and performance

Garry and John have worked in executive leadership roles for prominent Canadian and US corporations and have spent their careers building and developing high performing leadership teams. Read more about the impact of not getting your leadership team right.