It’s a hackneyed phrase for sure. But that doesn’t make it wrong.

Here in Ontario, budget cuts, elimination of needed programs and supports in health, the environment, and now arts and culture, are putting added pressure on already pressured non-profit leaders. It’s hard to know which way to turn.

Today the Ontario Arts Council announced budget cuts which will add to the stress our arts and culture leaders experience day-to-day.

The OAC’s budget will be reduced to $60 million in 2019.2020 necessitating cost reductions and cost-saving measures including:

  • Existing operating clients’ funding baselines will be reduced by 8%
  • Five project grant programs will not accept applications this year:
    • National and International Residency Projects
    • Ontario Dances
    • Publishing Organizations Projects
    • Theatre Training Projects
    • Travel Assistance: Ontario Contact/Contact Ontario
  • Freezing executive compensation
  • Cuts to administration costs

The OAC says that it has looked closely at all its activities in order to make these cuts and that its decisions are transparent, fair to all applicants, and will protect the long-term sustainability of Ontario’s vital arts infrastructure.

However, the loss of project funding will no doubt impact the creation of new works and work by emerging artists. Especially unfortunate is the cancellation of residency and theatre training funds which directly support individual artists’ career development.

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