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Christy DeMont, B.Sc., MBA

Driving Technology Leadership and Solutions

Christy believes that information technology needs to be an important contributor to organizational success. Her goal is to help organizations get more from their technology solutions, to make small investments in IT that significantly propel organizations forward, and to value the mix of tools and business processes that deliver day-to-day results.

For 35 years, and in a variety of businesses and sectors, Christy has worked to improve technology effectiveness so that staff and managers have access to the information they need to get their jobs done. Her thoughtful leadership, careful solution design and rigorous evaluation of proposed solutions have resulted in well-adopted, effective solutions for her clients.

Current Work Focus

  • Interim IT Director – Not for profit and educational organizations
  • Project Manager – implementing NFP end user systems to improve productivity and effectiveness
  • Functional auditor – review and documentation of existing solutions, assessment of current situations, recommendations for improvements


  • Principal, The Osborne Group (variety of interim and project leadership roles)
  • Chief Information Officer, ICOM
  • Director (Canada), Data Warehouse Practice, Systemhouse
  • Senior Manager, Architecture, CIBC World Markets

Influential Books

  • Memoirs – Harry S Truman
  • The Humane Interface – Jef Raskin
  • Leadership and the New Science – Meg Wheatley
  • The Eudaemonic Pie – Thomas A. Bass