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Osborne Group executives have been helping organizations succeed for 25 years.

Based in Ontario, we provide a wide range of professional interim management, consulting, planning, and project management services. We are a Vendor of Record for the Government of Ontario and work with clients of all sizes in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

We offer extraordinary executive leadership at a reasonable price. Our Principals bring extensive, relevant senior management experience and practical, transferable skills to every assignment. They grasp situations quickly; develop customized solutions in collaboration with the client and; from day one, do the hands-on work that gets desired results that meet the highest standard of quality.

Changes that prove why elections DO matter

During the run-up to the recent provincial election, there was much written about whether elections matter and whether it really makes a difference which party forms our government. The events of this past week demonstrate that it does in fact matter greatly and the...

Executive Coaching: Why?

A leadership article in Forbes summarized the results of a leadership survey completed by Stanford University and The Miles Group. The survey showed that while 2/3’s of Chief Executives don’t use coaching or leadership advice from outside their organizations, nearly...

Are we training our managers how to manage?

I recently read an article in the Harvard Business Review about how we can better assess whether a candidate is ready for a management role. It also talked about some of the skills a manager requires that should be the basis for recruitment. Another article, the...

Remembering Tony Schwartz: The Communication Genius of Manhattan

Ten years ago this month, we lost one of the most innovative communications thinkers in the world, a man who profoundly affected the world of politics and advertising. “’Media consultant’ is barely adequate to describe Mr. Schwartz’s portfolio,” The New York Times...

The Greatest Challenge Facing the Non-Profit Sector

According to Imagine Canada, the non-profit sector includes over 170,000 charitable and non-profit organizations with 85,000 of those being registered charities. Imagine Canada highlights that the charitable and non-profit sector contributes an average of 8.1% of...


Your situation is unique and requires a customized approach. We have the people, services, and the track record to help you develop the right solution.


Are you questioning your impact and leadership? Let our NFP expertise guide your team through complicated situations or transitions towards success.

Public sector

As a Vendor of Record for the Province of Ontario, we can provide insightful solutions to solve the issues troubling your organization.

Our clients say it best. They’ve given us a 100% satisfaction rating for the past three years and say they would be pleased to recommend us to others.

“Your Finance Principal is my financial magician and last year, your HR Principal helped us take the Policy and procedures manual to the next level. I can’t say enough about the great Principals.I am very fortunate to have their support.”

Heba Sadek, Executive Director, Queen Square Doctors Family Health Team February 19, 2015

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