As we look back over the last 25 years, a lot of things have changed. Computing and internet capability are two great examples. Do any of you remember those “luggables” – the so-called first portable computer? Compare that to today’s smartphone which literally puts the world at our fingertips.

No one uses the phone like they used to; everything is done via email, twitter, Facebook etc. and we only pick up the phone if those other methods fail us. Social media presence is critical to promoting your product and services because if you don’t manage your message, the customers themselves have the tools to influence others. Let’s also not forget the deluge of apps that can help with everything from accounting, your golf game, improving your health and setting the temperature in your house.

We now have digital photography which allows no limits on the number of photographs or selfies we can take. We have even invented a stick to get a better view of ourselves in the picture!

Healthcare advancements include exome and genome sequencing that has identified genetic causes of neurological disease. This breakthrough impacts the entire field of medicine and how medications are provided to individual patients. Smoke-free environments are improving the long-term health of our population. Treatments are available for HIV and Hep-C and, on the horizon, could be several benefits associated with medical marijuana.

Change has no doubt accelerated and, despite some people’s belief that we were better off in the past, we will continue to find ways to do things better than yesterday. Through the last 25 years, The Osborne Group has provided clients with the experienced executives needed to navigate the changing landscape. Our experts help clients take advantage of the benefits available through many of the advancements that relate to their field of business.

Our original logo. How far we’ve come!

We look forward to another 25 years helping clients address the challenges associated with change. We will continue to bring the depth of experience, knowledge, and leadership that can help with the most complex issues at a reasonable cost.