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Spoiler alert. I’m writing this blog from the beach. Not because I’m slacking, but because Im taking my own advice. I am, after all a “Wellness Guy.” This, in large part, is because I was told some years ago that I would never work again. Too weak, too sick, and with an illness which to this day has never been diagnosed. 

Alas, my way back to health was found by completing a post-diploma certificate as a Wellness and Lifestyle Manager. Such a person is responsible for coaching people to restore their life balance and reclaim their physical, emotional and spiritual health. 

Did I mention that the lineup at my door remains short to nonexistent? For performance coaching, organizational development and talent management the line is long. But for wellness…at present, I’m my only client. And even at that, I am a reluctant one.   

So why is it in a COVID-19 centric, unpredictable, no holds barred world where the World Health Organization has stated that stress is the number one global health challenge, that more people are not seeking to change their wily personal health ways? 

Hubris? Invincibility? Dogged determination? Or, are we all like the proverbial frog in the simmering pot, not realizing we are on the way to quiet self-destruction? 

Regardless, there are (at least) three simple things you (and I) can do every day to positively impact our wellness status.   

1) Take a walk (in nature). A thirty-minute walk just five times a week will get you a ten-pound net weight loss over a year. Collateral advantage also included improved digestion, better circulation, a happier outlook and potentially improved relationships.   

2) Speak happier…your second mission is to put a moratorium on all things negative. This includes media, communication and people. This is a dare! 

3) Third is a collection of the following: get sufficient sleep, drink 8 ounces of water 8 times per day, breathe deeply three times a day, release your clutter, make amends to those you love, donate your time, tithe and talent to a worthy cause, and start working on your bucket list.   

Mine? Sitting on the beach writing blogs.