Canadian charities and charities around the world are working in an increasingly complex environment.

In many charities, fundraising revenue is declining, the financial future is uncertain and leadership is worried about impact.  Human resources issues ranging from capacity to training to misconduct are increasing. Calls for accountability are becoming more frequent.

In order to help charities come to terms and succeed within an ever more intricate landscape, The Osborne Group has put together a team of specialists who understand the charity sector, have spent decades in leadership positions in the sector and dealt with a myriad of challenges.

Among The Charity Group’s services includes assessing congruity of activities to mission, reviewing revenue generation activities and ROI, rectifying governance weaknesses or mitigating issues arising from leadership or other crisis.

“Whether you are working in health and community services, arts and culture, international development, research or social justice,” says Jane Rounthwaite, Osborne’s Managing Director, “The Charity Impact Group understands the complexity of the charitable sector and are here to help carve a successful path for you and your organization, no matter what the problem.

“The Charity Impact Group can assist every step of the way.”

Please download this brochure, What do you want to accomplish at your Charity? to find out more about The Charity Impact Group.


For the past 25 years, The Osborne Group has been working with organizations of all sizes and mandates in the private, public, non-profit and charity sectors.

In the past two years, its work with more than 40 nonprofits and charities has encompassed organizational restructuring, mergers, specialized project management, campaign direction, CEO support, emergency human resource support and interim executive assignments.

Osborne Principals bring extensive and relevant senior management experience to any situation. From day one, they are ready to step in, do the hands-on work that gets desired results, meeting the highest standard of quality and with high-value services.


For more information about The Osborne Group, contact Jane Rounthwaite

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For more information about The Charity Impact Group, contact Gail Picco

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