Meet Our Principals

Every one of our Principals have a unique set of skills and experience that they bring to every project. Get to know each of them through their personal videos.
Indu Bains
Operations, Leadership, Marketing Strategy
Margaret Bawden
Strategy, Supply Chain Transformation 
Carole Beaulieu
Strategy, Innovation & Governance
Josee Bertrand
Financial Management, Operations
Anne Bloom
Human Resources and Operations
Gabrielle Bochynek
Human Resources 
Michelle Coombs
Change Leadership, Thought Leader, Research
Neil Cooper
Sales & Marketing, Change Management
Carolyn Davis
Leadership, Strategy & Innovation
Christy DeMont
Executive Technology Leadership
Michael Dick
Human Resources, Operations
Judy Fantham
NonProfit “Turn Around” Projects and Interim Executive
Ken Goodwin
Financial Management
Barbara Gosse
Executive Leadership, Strategic and Operational Management
Robin Granados
Financial Management & Executive Leadership
Sarah Hisey
Human Resources
Ellis Katsof
Executive Management
Jennifer Langlois
Business Operations/COO, Strategy, Sales Leadership
Terry McGowan
Strategic International Sales, Manufacturing, Operations Leadership
Greg Moors
Operational Leadership, Information Technology & Finance
Eric Nielsen
Executive Management, Finance, and Change Management
Nash Nizam
Financial and Project Management
Sherry Parsley
Project Management, Executive Leadership
Jocelyne Paul
Leadership, Strategy & Innovation
Joel Peters
Marketing & Communications
Jane Rounthwaite
Executive Management, Coaching
Rob Stephen
Executive Management, Financial Acumen
Brian Venis
Executive Management, Sales Strategy, Finance, Manufacturing
Lucy White
Governance, Strategy, Executive Management